The company produces leeches from the  hirudomedicinalis species in a biolaboratory fully  equipped for this task. The growth, reproduction and  the feeding take place in a controlled environment and  are provided all conditions of hygiene. Water quality is  an important factor in their growth and the leeches are  fed with chicken blood from a poultry farm for human  consumption wich has periodic inspection of veterinary  services. Reproduction leeches and cocoons  submission is throughout the year. The leeches who  reached the required size are transferred in a  speciallydesigned space where they food rest for at  least 4 months, only after that they are ready for  selling. The company is the first year of certification  ISO 9001:2008 for all marketing activity and  reproduction of live leeches, which will be renewed  over three years and works only with ISO certified  companies.  BIOAPIMED-SV - the activity  Home About us Activity Description of leeches Use of leeches Terms of sale Contact Last update: September 8, 2010