Use of leeches in medicine In the last 15 years more countries have began to reasearch in the field of hirudotherapy. In 1990 the world society of hirudology was founded and in 1991 the first world congress took place. After some studies on the saliva of the leech the scientists discovered more biologically-active substances which provide  therapeutic effects. Besides hirudin they found another 30 active ingredients that can not be reproduced by  artificial means. Hirudotherapy isn't as simple as it may first seem. Treatment does not give any  complications, if they meet all the recommendations, rules and techniques to use. Effect of treatment with  leeches - is multilateral and complex, with content reflecting, mechanical, biological and quantum. The effects are left immediately upon suffering organ: vascular spasms stop, it relieves pain, improves matabolism. In addition the leech saliva has anti-inflammatory action, antibacterial blood purification. Combined with the use of plants the hirudotherapy treatment effect grows 1.5 times. This allows the use of leeches in a wide range of diseases, some of them wich are impossible or very hard to treat at all with other treatment methods. In recent years the popularity of using leeches as a  "medicine" has grown immensely. Increasingly more doctors recognize hirudotherapy as a very effective against difficult diseases such as hypertension, coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction, atherosclerosis to name only a few of the medical problems in wich leeches can be used as a highly effective therapeutic tool. Hirudoterapia is also effective in treating inflammation of the  kidneys, liver, gallbladder. Leeches are used in gynecology. Hirudotherapy has positive results in conditions such as endometritis, inflammation of the ovaries, mastitis, degenerative changes of the ovaries, sterility. Those who suffer from hemorrhoids, using  leeches once will see positive results immediately. Even in ophthalmology, medicinal leeches can help. Thus, hirudotherapy is  indicated in inflammatory processes of the circulatory system, glaucoma, ocular trauma. Since ancient times, leeches were used to treat nervous system diseases. They act in the case of arthritis.During surgery, healing scars. The respiratory system diseases, skin diseases, obesity, dental diseases, leeches, small animals such repugnant, contribute to healing the most severe problems. After the mandatory examination and determination of where to find the patient, the therapist determines the number of leeches,  which points to ditch applied (for example, areas where you see the veins on his head, in case of hypertension or with damaged vein in cases thrombosis) and the number of sessions needed. Leeches are orient themselves and adapt to every body. In some people, the session may last 10 to 15 minutes, others hours, depending on disease severity. Concentration of toxins in the blood after a meeting with the hirudologist decreases tenfold. Work that can be compared with the functioning of a kidney dialysis or  artificial. The fear in many people minds before meeting quickly disappears. After use, leeches are killed to preclude contamination of others. Microscopic wound left behind after the bite heals quickly. Basically, leech acts as a disposable syringe. Home About us Activity Description of leeches Use of leeches Terms of sale Contact Last update: September 8, 2010